How we can help

Six words: “Let me tell you a story.”

When it comes to changing people’s minds and their behavior, facts and statistics are great, but there’s one absolute necessity. A compelling story.

Stories shape what we know, how we think, what we feel. Stories dictate what we value and buy, and for whom we cast our votes. Stories define our intentions, bring us joy, connect us to others, and push us to tears.

The right story, deftly told, perfectly timed, can even save lives.

If a story can do all that, imagine what it can do for your bottom line, your marketing, your election campaign?

Leibowitz Solo is here to help you find that story, the tale powerful enough to sway opinions and promote change.

We are also here when your story is no longer your own. At that moment – when you’re in crisis – we will work around the clock to neutralize that story keeping you up for nights on end.

How, you ask?

It starts with a heaping dose of intellect, using smarts to dig deep inside what makes you go and what makes your targets tick.

Armed with the insight provided by research, we’ll work with you and your team to craft a strategy that works – a marketing plan or a set of campaign tactics focused on ensuring measurable success.

Then it’s time for the “art” side of the equation: Putting decades worth of storytelling experience to use, welding words, sounds and images into a structure meant to draw eyes, engage hearts and compel minds.

Oh yeah. And we do all of this quickly, efficiently and professionally, utilizing preferred partnerships with fellow professionals around the United States, a deep well of media
relationships and years of experience handling the best of times – and the worst of times.

That’s our story. What’s yours?