Official Statement from the Scottsdale Fraternal Order of Police

The following statement was issued on February 17, 2012, by Ryan McKinnon, Vice President of the Scottsdale FOP:

The night of February 14, 2012, was deeply tragic, as is any encounter that results in the loss of a life. Just as every police-involved shooting is investigated thoroughly and objectively, so will the events of February 14th be investigated. The more than 325 members of the Scottsdale Fraternal Order of Police hope that, as we await the results of that investigation, calm will prevail in our City and no one will rush to judgement about what happened that night or about our colleague, Officer James Peters.

We remind all concerned that justice has at its core facts, not emotions, and that every Scottsdale police officer considers the use of force the most critical decision any law enforcement member can make.

No officer begins a shift knowing how the night will end. But tonight, as they have since Tuesday, our thoughts and our prayers go out to everyone touched by the night in question, from Jim Peters and his family to the Loxas family to the neighbors impacted by what happened before their eyes.